How to Find My iPhone and track your iPhone, iPod, iPad, weather on iOS10 or any edition you can track your device if you have these things in place

how to find my iphone phone location   : What many people fail to recognize you can make it easier for yourself to track your iPhone from computer or other apple devices if lost, misplaced or even stolen from you, but we never pay attention to those tiny details except when the bad has happened and then we are just desperate for solutions where chances are slim for that! So why don’t we just do simple steps to ensure when the bad day happens i’m all set and with better chances to actually find it, and i’m saying this cause i tried it myself and it worked. So before i start here is my advice to everybody whether you will just cry for the phone as you can afford another one, or for those of you who can do without the data in it either because of its importance and value to you or because it is too personal for wrong hand to have it and expose it! Think again before skipping this post! how to find my iphone.

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how do i find my iphone and track your iPhone, iPod, iPad, weather on iOS 10 or any edition you can track your device if you have these things in place

To enable your phone to be tracked – This should take place now before you get your phone lost or stolen consider it as enabling your iPhone being tracked or precautionary setup so the tracking is possible by yourself rather than crying out to your carrier where in most cases won’t do much except offering to disable the phone, and maybe handing another brand new replacement if you were still under warranty (best case scenario)


How to Find My iPhone

1.Sign up for a free iCloud account, if you don’t have one (this should happen now before your lose your iPhone)  at icloud.
2. Next, on the iPhone or iPad, tap Settings,
3.Tap iCloud and turn on Find My iPhone, Confirm your choice.
4. (Optional but recommended) Password-protect the phone, your phone won’t be accessible if you happen to lose or your phone gets stolen.

Tracking your iPhone: These are the steps to follow if all above is applicable and the bad day come where you lost, misplaced (forgot it in a place, in your home…etc.) or your phone is simply stolen.


Find My iPhone

1.Visit on any computer or other phone.

  1. Log into “Use the same account you have previously created on your iPhone, iPad, iPod
  2. Click on “Find My iPhone“, and you’re shown your phone’s location on a map.

track my iphone

  1. More Options

4.1You can also make your phone start pinging loudly (in case miss-placed it somewhere at your home or at a known house) or send a message to its screen (if you feel, whoever will find it is more likely to willing to give it back).

track my iphone

4.2You can also click Lock to password-protect the phone remotely or Remote Wipe, which erases the phone’s data, wherever it is, if you feel it is more important to you that no one gets hold on your data. However this option is only valid if the phone is on and not on Airplane Mode, out of battery power or just off, Find My iPhone can’t find your iPhone. Moreover, if the person who picks it up connects it to iTunes and wipe it your phone will undefinable. Therefore if you are going to do any of the above don’t hesitate do it fast to ensure it is still reachable.

I sincerely feel sorry for those of you who would find this method not feasible because you’ve not set the enablers on but as a piece of advice if this doesn’t work for you, you can only contact your carrier report your phone being lost or stolen and ask them to disable your phone that’s the best you can go for. The best thing about life we can always start over and think ahead better be today than tomorrow

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