Nexus 5 problems issues and common: Workarounds and Solutions in-depth exclusively here

Nexus 5 problems recent facts : Nexus 5 is considered one of the coolest phones of 2013 and a great and competitive advancement for Google, Yet, no matter how great a phone is it will never, well most in case never have its own issues and problems. When it comes to Nexus 5, pulled from reviews we know it wasn’t very cool when it comes to speaker & microphone sound level and quality. Second comes the lower camera quality and focus issue. And last but not least the fitting of the SIM card tray problem on black model.maybe you are interested in reading this how to fix sms switching to mms send in Samsung and other

Nexus 5 problems recent facts

Nexus 5 problems issues and common: Workarounds and Solutions in-depth exclusively here

How to fix Nexus 5 problems recent facts :

The Nexus 5 users and owners have reported a number of issues and folks on different forums and blogs have equally contributed to providing workarounds and solutions, which I worked on collecting all known and reported issues and corresponding workarounds for you here. I hope it serves the needy.

I will start by displaying the drawbacks and workarounds available to improvise your device performance:

  1. Fitting of the SIM card tray especially on Nexus 5 Black Model.

Reportedly, the sleek soft-touch shell gets spoiled and it refuses to sit flush with the edge of the device.

This is clearly considered a defect and looks like Google and LG know the existence of the problem and therefore have started rolling out a new version where. supposedly had fixed this known defect by now. Therefore, for our fans on Nexus 5 make sure to check you buy the newer version and ignore taking the old version or you my end-up with a phone known for a defect issue!

“How to differentiate between the old version (with defect) and the newer version”

The new black model version comes with a flush fitting SIM tray and touchscreen, buttons which no longer have excessive play, and the holes covering the speaker and microphone have been enlarged. You can distinguish between the speaker holes, which is the most visually noticeable change, “see figures”

Now let me start displaying the most common Nexus 5 reported bugs, glitches, malfunctions, annoyances,issues, and applicable workarounds and also galaxy Not Registered On Network s7

galaxy Nexus s5 screen problems common issues 1 :

Dead or Partial Pixel on Display- Malfunction : Many users reported problems with the Nexus 5 display in what was expressed that display pixel was totally or partially dead, indicators to such problem are dots and spots that do not seem to change on display while surfing from a window to another.


  1. If you feel this is applicable to you, then dear user/owner do not panic, you will need to confirm that you actually have dead pixel on your display and you can do that through the Dead Pixel Test App “it is totally free”. Click on the link and use to test your display. This application will end-up turning off your display that’s when you have to validate while the screen is off, if you still see the dots then that indicates there is possible dust trapped under the screen “probably you opened the cover for some reason and when dust had a way in and placed under screen”. Whether your answer is Yes or No the solution is the same 🙂 so proceed to step two.
  2. Sorry to say that you have to contact Google “Google contact” on your carrier if you were on CDMA system or just head to the affiliate distributor you bought your cell from as you are still under warranty and they will order a replacement for you. This doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed if there was dust under the screen but for your own value a replacement is always better.Read More : Samsung galaxy s4 problems

galaxy Nexus 5 problems Power Button common issues 2 :

Power Button Loose & Shaky “rattles” : As reported by many users/owners of Nexus 5, for some the devices users may experience the power button loose while the phone is shaking “e.g. while walking an its in your pocket” and this is irritating some blogs described it as rattling just like the sound produced by a rattle snake while shaking its tale. It doesn’t stop there but the actually gets pressed during the action. This very problem is applicable to other buttons sometimes you may find a sharp button or another loose button, personally i find this another defect in the overall cover design another drawback by Google and LG.


Replacing the device with a new case may prevent buttons from moving bu i suggest you do that while you are inspecting and immediately check all your buttons show they feel as sometimes you might end-up with reversible status where button are too tight just like the old version of the black model.


If you feel the workaround wasn’t satisfiable or you wouldn’t want to go for it and being identified as a defect you can always contact Google “Google contact” or distributor you bought the phone from as warranty will still be valid for you.

galaxy Nexus 5  problems WiFi common issues 3

Can’t Connect to WiFi or Connection keeps dropping- Glitch : Always new phones are usually expected to have some connectivity issues or problems especially speaking WiFi-wise, yet we must understand that doesn’t indicate a lower quality with the Nexus 5 as it is equipped with Ultra WiFi which is supposed to deliver better performance rate than normal WiFi hardware. There are several factors that can trigger such issue/problem but i will display the most probable when it comes to your Nexus 5 device,


What might happen sometimes is a temporary fault in the software so you can first try to Toggle Airplane Mode on and off and/or switch off/on your WiFi. For further test reboot your device and try again the same. Another reason if your WiFi does not connect and this reason is applicable to all smartphones WiFi connectivity issue is that your internet routers maybe broadcasting the Wireless Network however, maybe not be actually connected to the Internet and therefore you can check if the Internet indicator LED is lit in green, if not then restart your router to overcome this issue


  1. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > Select the network you are failing to connect with and Forget > click on it again, re-enter password and connect
  2. If the problem still persist try entering a manual IP (Static) rather than Automatic IP (DHCP) this will definitely get you connected to the router whether or not the router is actually connected to the Internet or no, you can do that by:

Going to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > long press on the desired network  and modify settings or configuration > scroll down to advanced settings > change DHCP to Static and fill in IP e.g. then Gateway “This should be your router designated IP Address” e.g.

  1. You can also make sure to Avoid Poor Connectivity Option is  Unchecked.

Nexus 5 problems Vibration not working common issues 4

Vibration not working – Malfunction

Some owners/users reported the vibration is completely not working on their devices, and this is usually due to a defect in the unit, in this case you should report that Google “Google contact” if you were on Carrier locked phone “CDMA” e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile,…etc. Or contact the distributor you bought your phone from if you are still under warranty for replacement.

Nexus 5 problems Speaker Volume is Low & Sound Quality is Poor common issues 5 :

Speaker Volume is Low & Sound Quality is Poor

As I have already mentioned and many of you know that generally speakers volume are one of the drawbacks in the phone when compared to other brands like SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 & HTC ONE, however some of Nexus 5 users/owners may experience a lower level of volume or bad quality sound when compared to others especially in the black old version model and that’s due to the defect in the casing which has been resolved by Google and LG. The new casing has a wider speakers holes among other better fittings.


Contact Google “Google contact” if you were on Carrier locked phone “CDMA” e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile,…etc. Or contact the distributor you bought your phone from if you are still under warranty for case replacement or device replacement. This will lift your quality and volume level to normally accepted. Yet the phone volume will remain inferior when compared with other phones n the league.

Solution to increase level of Volume & Quality of Sound

I’d suggest to use the Volume+ App on Google Play and has the ability to maximize your sound 10 times more and has an equalizer for sound enhancement to improvise the quality of speakers sound

Nexus 5 problems Battery draining rapidly common issues 6

Battery draining rapidly “Bug” or/and Battery won’t charge “Malfunction”

Battery rapid drain or in other words doesn’t hold-up for long is another drawback for Nexus 5 in general and therefore is looked down-upon in this area of features compared to other devices, reviews have repeatedly stated that one main reason people won’t go for this device is due to battery when compared to league devices like iPHONE. Yes with this phone you have to charge on daily basis, yet if you face a rapid drain this could be factored by several reasons, one of which can be caused if you are always on data mobile on which will drain your battery in such a way if Toggled off the user can experience dramatic increase in battery life, and discharge speed.

Workaround: As an alternative solution to the general drawback in the Nexus 5 users/owners can get extended battery case or portable battery charger which is becoming a growing trend now a days as many smartphone users spend more time on mobile than ever before.

Potential Solution for Battery won’t charge:

  1. It’s not a bug that a battery won’t charge no matter what phone you are using, therefore this can happen for limited number of reasons, i mention the most popular here:
  2. a) Phone’s battery won’t charge as you are charger which is usually a two piece hardware (adapter + cable) is not working to validate if one of the pieces is not working either use the cable to connect to the computer and check if it is charging, or connect the another cable with the adapter to validate the adapter or use it with another phone.
  3. b) you are using the wrong charger, do not attempt using adapters not designed for your phone even if the plug fits. Different phones have different voltage requirements always check the output of the charger and your phone battery requirement of voltage it should always match whenever you are using a new charger. Always try to get the original charger to ensure better performance and output. Using wrong charger will ultimately damage phone’s battery and shorten battery life cycle
  4. c) sometimes updating phone Android software may cause such issues, what you need to do is reboot or factory reset your phone if necessary.

Nexus 5 problems Camera Quality/Stabilization/Focus common issues 7

Camera Quality/Stabilization/Focus- Issue

now follow us :

This is again another possible drawback on Nexus 5 end, many users have reported difficulty to focus especially on low light and stabilization of the camera which ultimately affect the quality of the 8 megal pixel camera fitted on the phone.

Workaround: To a certain extent the new 4.4.1 newer KITKAT has improvised this issue and many users/owners have reported this so try it if you are still on the old version of KITKAT. Furthermore, the use of third-party application may add to the improvement of the overall output of the camera.

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