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20 Dec 2017

10 ways Fix not registered on network error for Samsung galaxy

welcome today my visitor to my website my-wiki space, In this article we will discuss the problem of error My phone has not registered on network? I was fascinated this error in many of forms or they
26 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S3 update Issues

Samsung Galaxy S3 update Issues : Post a couple of months of anticipation, Samsung started rolling out the Galaxy s3 update Issues Android 4.3 Jelly Bean roll out, started on Vodafone in Ireland then followed in different
22 May 2017

how to upgrade my Galaxy S4 ROM to Android 7.0 Nougat without Losing Data

welcome to my Wiki Space : Today we will talk about how to upgrade my Galaxy S4 ROM to Android 7.0 Nougat without it losing all my Data and stuff ?? How is that possible …..????? Do
14 May 2017

how to disable mms conversion on android and other

sms switching to mms: When writing a long SMS it coverts or changes to MMS Many people have reported that while texting long sms their sms convert or changes to MMS and they can’t seem to solve,
14 May 2017

Galaxy S4 problems Recent facts & reviews: Workarounds & Solutions how to galaxy s4 problems fix

Samsung galaxy s4 problemsĀ : By now most of you must’ve gotten word that Samsung has rolled out updates 4.3 Jelly bean for Galaxy S4 around end of October given or take a week depending on the region