how to disable mms conversion on android and other

sms switching to mms: When writing a long SMS it coverts or changes to MMS Many people have reported that while texting long sms their sms convert or changes to MMS and they can’t seem to solve,
Here is a simple solution which is applicable for all android galaxy s3 ,s4, galaxy s5 , galaxy s6 , galaxy s7, HTC One, LG and other android phones, this has never been explained before anywhere in any other blog sms to mms problem .

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how to fix sms switching to mms send in Samsung and other

how to stop sms converting to mms on galaxy in long text?

Solution to SMS to MMS covert problem:

  1. Go to messages

sms to mms

2. Press the Menu button in your phone and click settings

sms switching to mms

3. Look for input mode or sms enconding and press on it

4. the settings by default will be set on automatic that’s why it changes into mms automatically if your text exceeding the equivalent of 3 sized sms or if you input unicode character e.g. you copy a text from whatsapp or other app and it recognize it as unicode so even if it is a short text it will still convert your sms to mms Now change it to GMS alphabets

5. Your done now your message will not convert into mms

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